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It's a Silli-Zyk World "It's a Silli-Zyk World" 
by Stan Silliman and Mike Krawczyk

Norman Cartoonists Promoting New Book
Oklahoma cartoonists Stan Silliman and Mike Krawczyk are promoting their cartoon humor book "It's a Silli-Zyk World" the Norman Border's Store......."Silli-Zyk World" was a six month project," Silliman added.
This is Krawczyk's first book, Silliman's third book and the fourth cartoon book he's edited.

Cartoonist promote efforts at Norman Store...
Transcript Staff
Oklahoma cartoonists Mike Krawczyk are promoting their cartoon humor book "It's a Silli-Zyk World" today at Hastings Book and Music Store, 2300 W. Main......"This book has more bite than any previous Comedy Empire Press cartoon book," said Silliman.

Comic cartoon

Sportoons "Sportoons"  
by Larry Lambert & Dave Carpenter
The Seminole, Okla. Producer
Sun., Feb. 16, 1997
"Comic Signs Book
Lambert's gags have appeared in national papers and magazines including The Wall Street Journal and Better Homes & Gardens.   He has sold his humorous quips to TV stand up comics including Jay Leno of the "Tonight Show."

Comic cartoon

Golden Rules

"Stan Silliman's Golden Rules"
Press Release
Silliman signs "Rules" at Hastings
".....Our book has been called the ultimate advice book laced with humor......We're presenting and looking for the gems that turn out to be comical...."

Double Dactyls "The News in Double Dactyls"
written by Stan Silliman and drawn by Mike Krawczyk
This is a book with poems and the poems are lined up next to the illustrations.

Family Snapshots

"Family Snapshots"                                                                                                        

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